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Tigertail for 2 meters

I have a Yaesu VX-1R dual band HT and it has proven to be a handy little radio, an extremely small package that allows me to have a ham transceiver available wherever I am. .

The radio, unfortunately, has a few shortcomings. Due to it's very small size, transmit power is limited to 0.5 W output, limiting useful range to local repeaters. .

The antenna, as supplied by Yaesu, proved to be a very weak performer, unable to pull in any but the strongest signals. A Maldol HT antenna fixed that problem. Unfortunately, with such a small radio, the HT really required some sort of counterpoise to work against, usually provided by the operator. If the radio was set down, however, signal soon faded and it went silent. .

A solution, however, was available for this also, by fabricating a counterpoise, or tigertail for the radio. .

I Cut a 19" length of wire from an old set of earbuds that no longer worked. I then shaped a small eyelet at one end of the wire, large enough to fit over the SMA plug with the antenna removed. I soldered the wire loop closed, slipped it over the SMA port on the radio, reattached the antenna, and it worked great. The earphone wire provided a very flexible counterpoise, or 'tigertail' that did not detract from the size of the radio, but provided a substantial performance boost. .

This proved to be a very satisfying project that took little time, no cost, and gave heightened performance to the radio.

Allan KB6CWO.

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