One of the most popular participation sports around. Whether you are going out for a short stroll in the woods, or on a more strenuous trip traversing mountains and streams, a few minimum items are recommended to keep you safe.

Most outdoors experts have condensed a list of '10 essentials' to be carried with you at all times. There may be more, or less items that you prefer to carry, but the minimum gear to have along, if there is a chance that you may be caught out overnight, Should be considered carefully.


Food and Water

First Aid



Place these basic items in your day pack or backpack, and you've taken a responsible first step toward ensuring a safe journey into the wilderness. There are no guarantees, of course (that's adventure!), but these items, and the knowledge of how to utilize them, always tip the odds in your favor. Don't forget to always tell someone where you're going.

Allan Lauchlan

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