The Family Dog

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Where did dogs originate, and how did we come to share our hearth with them, and allow them full access to our young?

These quesions may never be fully answered. However, we have learned a few things. We do know, that during the late Pleiostocene, early humans and wolves had developed to where they both operated with similar social systems. Both species operated in small 'packs', or tribal groups, usually family groups, in overlapping territories. Both had similar diets, and their capabilities, while similar, were complementary to each other.

Sometime, around 125,000 years ago, some of these 'packs' started working together for their mutual benefit. Dogs, and modern humans, were the result of this symbiosis, each enhancing the others capabilities in hunting and capturing food.

By the end of the Pleiostocene era, some 10,000 years ago, the dog was firmly established as a working partner with humans, and humans were busily domesticating other animals, using dogs to help them control the growing flocks and herds.

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