The Family Dog

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People have been breeding dogs into some strange forms and sizes, for thousands of years. to suit a particular need or situation. Hunting, Herding and guarding were probably the important first adaptions.

Dog breeds have come to be classified into some 7 types, as sampled in the table below

Dog Breeds
Sporting Terrier Working Non-Sporting Herding Hound Toy
Sporting Terrier Working Non-Sporting Herding Hound Toy
Pointers Airedale Terrier Alaskan Malamute Bulldog Shetland Sheepdog Beagle Chihuahua
Retrievers Scottish Terrier Huskey Chow Chow German Shepard Irish Wolfhound Pekingese
Spaniels Jack Russell Terrier Great Dane Dalmatian Welsh Corgi Bloodhound Pomeranian
Weimaraner Schnauser Saint Bernard Keeshound Collie Whippet Pug

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